Make a Statement Earrings
Make a Statement Earrings
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Make a Statement Earrings

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Make a Statement Earrings! 

Perfect giggle gift - just for fun! 

1/2" in diameter glass cabochon with vintage dictionary words.  So many options! 

Available in Antique Bronze (meant to appear vintage).  

Available Combinations:

Drink Coffee
Hot Mess
Book Worm
Buford Wolves
Choose Joy
Read Books
Football Mom
Army Mom
Girl Mom
Boy Mom
Twin Mom
Soccer Mom
Cheer Mom
Softball Mom
Football Mom
Dance Mom
Dog Mom
Not Today
Potty Mouth 
Cat Lady
What ever
Can't Adult
Happy Hour
Drink Wine
Drink Beer
Drink Coffee
Girl Boss
Rock Roll
Army Wife
Navy Wife
Marine Wife
Have Faith
Mama Bear
Grit Grace
Trust God 
Pump kin
Kind Badass 
OR CREATE YOUR OWN, combining any two words listed below; 

achieve, adult, Arkansas, April army, artist, aunt, badas*, babe, bake, ball, balance, baseball, Be, bee, beach, bear, beer, believe, big, blessed, bloom, bliss, bold, book, books, boss, bossy, boy, brave, bravely, breathe, bride, Buford, can't, cat, cheer, chic, child, choose, city, coach, coff*e, cook, corn, courage, cousin, create, dance, define, dog, dream, drink, enough, ever, faith, fall, family, fight, flirt, flower, football, forgive, free, friend, Georgia, girl, grace, grateful, grit, give, grow, gypsy, happy, have, hero, heal, hockey, home, hope, hot, hour, husker, imagine, inspire, imagine, joy, joyful, Kansas, kid, kind, lady, lake, laugh, lead, life, lift, live, loud, love, lover, loyal, lust, magic, make, mama, marine, mess, mimi, mom, mouth, moxie, music, nana, navy, not, nurse, nurture, Oma, peace, plant, parent, pivot, plant, potty, pray, purpose, queen, read, rest, ride, rise, river, run, runner, sassy, self, serve, sew, shine, sing, sister, slayer, soar, soccer, softball, soul, spice, St Louis, still, strong, sun, sweet, swim, teach, tennis, Texas, thrive, today, travel, tribe, trust, twin, unique, vet, volley, wander, what, whisky, wife, wild, win*, wolves, worm, worthy, write, yoga, you, your

Please provide your word charm preference in the: "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER" section in your cart, prior to checkout.  

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